Fire Recovery Status at The Valley Isle Resort as of April 15, 2014

We are happy to announce that the Valley Isle Resort complex is nearing full recovery from the temporary situation that was brought about by the fire in the separate commercial health club building on the Resort property. Although the high-rise building, which contains all condo units, was NOT involved in the fire, the destruction to the lobby area and pass-through entry used to access the high-rise required a temporary entrance through the pool area which has now been removed.

The original entrance walkway to the high-rise has now been reopened with minor modifications to circumvent the destroyed portions of the lobby and block out the entire health club area. The temporary entrance near the pool and BBQ area has been removed, and the pool/BBQ area has been restored to its original condition. The entire pool and courtyard area has been landscaped with new tropical plants. By early May, the front desk will, once again, be in its original location. Until then, the temporary location of the front desk in condo 105 on the ground floor of the high-rise building will remain in effect.

Your first view of the Resort from the parking lot may not be as attractive as you would expect, due to the screened off area where the health club once was and the walled walkway through the unrestored lobby. However, once you pass through the lobby area and open out into the courtyard, we hope you will find the Resort to be everything you had hoped for. Once in the condo you will still have the same quality accommodations and breathtaking views that have made the Valley Isle a visitor favorite for many years.

Diagram of Resort Grounds and Location of Fire

View of Resort from the parking lot. The remaining portion of the commercial building is the low building in front and high-rise building is in the background. The area where the fire occurred starts at the black dust barrier, on the lower right side of picture, and extends to the right from there.

We have now been able to return to using our original entrance from the parking lot to the highrise building, however a divider wall has been built to guide you a short distance past the unrestored lobby area. This entry is clearly marked with the Valley Isle Resort sign and provides direct access from the parking lot.

Once past the former lobby area, the walkway opens up to the courtyard and pool area, newly landscaped with tropical plants. From this point on, the only remaining indication of the fire is the temporary location of the office in unit 105.

The temporary walkway the cut through the pool area has been completely removed. and the pool area is fully open and available for guests to relax and enjoy.

Our popular poolside barbeque area is open for all guests to use.

Same spectacular ocean views from condos.

Maui sunsets and our sandy beach have not changed.

If you have any questions or further concerns regarding your stay at the Valley Isle Resort, feel free to contact any of our owners. We thank all of our past and future guests for their support during this difficult time at the Resort.
For our former guests who have asked: The whale sculpture from the lobby is safe and sound and will return once the lobby is redesigned, and the turtles were rescued and are being well cared for off-site until they can return to their Resort home. No date has been set for rebuilding of the health club building.